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Ann Cheverton

Healthcare Professional

What does it mean to you to lead with love?

It’s kind of everything. Everything I do comes from a place of service. Wanting to serve others is one of my core values. I’m going through a leadership class right now that has us exploring our values and guiding principles. And I realized that my core values have set me up beautifully to be very much in the moment to manage this pandemic. I have this tremendous capacity that I didn’t fully realize I had until we had to deal with this threat.

To serve is the way I show that I lead with love. Simple. It’s never changed. Never.

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About Ann

  • Grew up an Air Force kid and lived all over the world
  • Joined the Bickford family in 2017
  • Has a husband, teen son and two cats, which she’s allergic to
  • Rejuvenates with long walks and being in nature
  • Loves colors and spice (she makes a mean Indian curry)