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Our family of caregivers brings a great love to whatever it is that we do. It’s not only about what we do but how we do it.
The Heart of a Caregiver video series showcases the unique expression of this love in our work.

We prepare home-style food because we want the dining experience to feel as though our residents are eating at home. We buy the best ingredients on the market and prepare food to order so that we can maximize the quality of that product.

It may be Bickford Senior Living but it is our residents’ dining room - we are cooking in their home. It’s all about them wanting to come down to the dining room and enjoy a great meal. If they consume the food and enjoy the food, then I think we’ve created happiness.

Chef Mark McKenzie

Made from Scratch

Homestyle food with made-from-scratch recipes. Fresh bread daily.

High Quality Ingredients

High grade poultry, pork and seafood. Only the best Choice and Prime grades of Certified Angus Beef. Local produce when in season.

Culinary Practices

Cooks are trained daily on proper culinary techniques.

Special Diets

Ability to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions and preparations (i.e. gluten-restricted, diabetic, no added salt).

Restaurant-Style Dining

Three meals served daily. Breakfast is cooked to order. Multiple entrée selections and additional a-la-carte items available

The Family Table

Food is best when shared with family and friends. Celebrate special occasions in the Private Dining Room. Have fun with themed and holiday meals.