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Amira Heric

Today was fun day. First we went to eat at Mavrix restaurant and then we went for little ride and stopped at the Hessell's Greenhouse to enjoy flowers and art work.
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Amira Heric

HAPPY JULY BIRTHDAYS! Last Saturday we celebrated July birthdays with great entertainment and lots of cupcakes.
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Amira Heric

The Art workshop from the view of Connie's Corner! I was reluctant to join Amira's art class today, and after much reluctance, I went. Class only lasted one hour, but it was enlightening, relaxing, and i have to admit enjoyable. Participating were 8 budding artist. Amira passed out colorful paint on palates made of paper plates and various size brushes and water. After being introduced and instructed what we were to paint everyone happily started. The concentration was palpable. I do not know how real artist act, but our class was quiet, interesting and productive. Not much talking ensued. We were all hard at work. Any conversation was related to our pictures -- one was a young lady in a big hat and another was of an umbrella in a wind setting. The real artist was Barbara W. who was creating a panoramic landscape ocean view. She did not finish her painting in one hour but the beginning was spectacular. She reluctantly admitted she has painted a lot in her long life. It was obvious. She outshined all of us. Amira of course had to put her finishing touches to each canvas. With out her, i admit my painting looked unfinished. After Amira's artistic touches, our pictures came to life. Happy budding artist with paintings in hand left class much happier then when they entered.
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Amira Heric

Meet Caleb and Chase two Golden Retrievers who come to our Bickford home to make our residents happy. They quickly found a way into our residents hearts. They are so easy-going, and mellow and will approach with tail wagging to get some affection.
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Jennifer Hescott

Great reasons why Bickford is PET FRIENDLY! The Benefits of Pet Ownership for the Elderly Animals can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and increase social interaction and physical activity. Pets provide other intangibles, too. “Dogs and cats live very much in the present,” says Dr. Jay P. Granat, a New Jersey-based psychotherapist. “They don’t worry about tomorrow, which can be a very scary concept for an older person. An animal embodies that sense of here and now, and it tends to rub off on people.” Pets can also have an astounding effect on symptoms of depression and feelings of loneliness. Older pet owners have often said how incredibly barren and lonely their lives were without their pets’ companionship, even when there were some downsides to owning an active pet. Psychologist Penny B. Donnenfeld, who brings her own golden retriever mix, Sandee, to her New York City office, has even witnessed animals’ ability to prompt better memory recall in their elderly owners. “I’ve seen those with memory loss interact with an animal and regain access to memories from long ago,” she explains. “Having a pet helps the senior focus on something other than their physical problems and negative preoccupations about loss or aging.” Animals benefit from adoption, too, particularly when seniors adopt older pets. “These lucky animals go from the pound to paradise. Retired adopters tend to have lots of time to devote to a previously unwanted pet, forming a lasting bond,” says Chicago veterinarian Dr. Tony Kremer.
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Our purpose is to do whatever it takes to make our residents happy.

Core Needs

Understanding your core needs allows us to know the pathway we must take to make you happy. We have identified three specific Core Needs that must be met to enrich happiness — Basic Needs, Care Needs & Unrecognized Needs.

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Core Needs

Basic Needs

You need to consistently receive services in an environment that feels like home.

Core Needs

Care Needs

You need to consistently receive the care that your personal health situation requires.

Core Needs

Unrecognized Needs

You need to consistently receive the care that your personal health situation requires.

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