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Andy Eby, Branch Support (headquarters only)

Andy Eby

Our top priority is to ensure we are doing everything to protect and prevent Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our Branches. The health, welfare and safety of our residents, their family and our Bickford Family Members (staff) is our key focus and intention. Please take a moment to watch this video from Andy Eby, Owner and Family Member as it relates to Bickford's approach to Coronavirus.
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Robin Wike, Director

Robin Wike

Robin Wike, Director

Robin Wike

We are being a silly today! Thank you to the Hoke family for sourcing our Hug Hats. We are getting a good laugh out of them!
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Andy Eby, Branch Support (headquarters only)

Andy Eby

A message to our BFMs (employees). We’re so proud of your courage and the love you are giving our residents. #WhateverItTakes
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Andy Eby, Branch Support (headquarters only)

Andy Eby

Calling all Rosie the Riveters! We have been receiving questions from people on how they can help our Branches. If you have basic sewing skills, you can help out. We've attached instructions to what we believe to be the best masks that an individual can produce. They have four layers of fabric for better protection. By no means are they medical grade or meet industry requirements but they are a good option when supplies are limited. If you are capable to produce some masks, please let us or your local Branch know. We could sure use the help. And if you're up for it ... after making some masks, send us your best Rosie bicep flex!
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The process of finding a place for your loved one is hard enough, we’re here to make it easier. To help you navigate this change most effectively we remove the barriers and give you what you really want - pricing first!

Base Rate    +    Care Rate    =    Real Rates

Base Rate

$95 to $155 per day. Range depends on the apartment you choose.

Care Rate

$18 to $90 per day. Range depends on the care and services needed.

Community Fee of $250 per month for ten months.

It’s that easy.

Whether or not our pricing fits in your budget, we ask you to consider 4 things:

  1. Know that there may be financial resources available that you might not be aware of.

    To explore this, take advantage of our complimentary third-party financial concierge service – Elderlife Financial
  2. Know that our rates are all-inclusive*.

    Don’t forget our rates include meals, care, activities, basic utilities, housekeeping, linen and laundry service, and more! All-inclusive details.
  3. Know the affordability of senior living.

    Many families are surprised at the affordability of senior living as compared to what they are currently spending at home. Check out our Expense Worksheet to compare for yourself.
  4. Remember what matters most.

    While there are many things you should buy at a discount, care isn’t one of them.

It is easy to say that we do whatever it takes to make our residents happy, but the real question is – are our current residents actually happy?

Read below to find out how happy our current residents and families really are.

Learn more
4.9 out of 5.0
based on 100 reviews.

Our Menu

Lime Jello With Pears

Chicken Cordon Bleu Open Face

Broiled Tilapia Parmesan
Tilapia topped with fresh basil, parmesan cheese, mayonnaise and lemon juice

Garlic Pasta

Capri Blend
A blend of Crinkle cut carrots, French cut green beans, yellow squash and zucchini

Seasoned Pea Pods

Baked Roll

Soft Brown Sugar Cookie

Diabetic Dessert

Activity Calendar

Sample Calendar

10:00am Manicures

10:30am Balloom VB

1:00pm Meijer Shopping

2:00pm Manicures

3:00pm Music with Janice

4:00pm Heads Up!

Our purpose is to do whatever it takes to make our residents happy.

Core Needs

Understanding your core needs allows us to know the pathway we must take to make you happy. We have identified three specific Core Needs that must be met to enrich happiness — Basic Needs, Care Needs & Unrecognized Needs.

Core Needs Illustration

Core Needs

Basic Needs

You need to consistently receive services in an environment that feels like home.

Core Needs

Care Needs

You need to consistently receive the care that your personal health situation requires.

Core Needs

Unrecognized Needs

You need to consistently experience small, but unforgettable moments that you'd never think to ask for

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