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Amy Adix

We have announced our new Black Pearls. They are Deann, Rose, and Marcele. Being a Black Pearl means they are a true reflection of all that we are, all that we do, and all that we wish to become. They are a priceless treasure to us. Bickford of Cedar Falls has chosen these members to be leaders, mentors, and consistently communicating our culture throughout the branch. They have been awarded an exclusive Black Pearl pin to attach to their name badge to wear with honor. We are proud to have these members here with us.
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Amy Adix

Hello and beautiful day to you. We are loving the sweet peonies from our courtyard today! We placed some on our piano for all to enjoy. What a grand sight for sure. We invite you to come spend some time with us in our flowering gardens. Check out our pretty pinks, yellows, and reds. Sit at the patio tables and enjoy some lemonade. Most of all...converse with some of the nicest people you'll ever meet! Blessings from all of us here at Bickford Cedar Falls.
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Jennifer Webster

This month is an exciting one especially with the sun shining! We are enjoying many courtyard activities and soaking up the sun as much as possible. On June 26th I will be leading the morning exercises, fitness is something I love to do in my free time so I am excited to share this with the residents. Wellness is such an important part of life and we love to keep our residents active and moving!

Amy Adix

Greetings! Welcome to a new week. We are getting into June, and like our Chaplin Brad always says, "We are going in like a herd of turtles". And that is okay with us. We wanted to show off a little of our creative side by sharing our Tuesday project time. Every Tuesday we have a new project and last week our residents tried their hands at scratch art. They did a great job at all the tiny details, and worked so hard the hour was used up before they knew it. It was hard to put it away, they were so engrossed in it! The pictures turned out beautiful. Great job gang. This week we will be diving into the world of water color. We can't wait to see what shows up on the paper. So from all of us to you...have a great week...and blessings to you!
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Michelle Rasbeck

I am very excited to run my very own activity this month, is "Munchies with Michelle" the residents get to enjoy a snack while I read aloud from Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul. As an RN so many of my interactions with the residents involve them not feeling well, I can't wait to share some time with them while they are healthy and having a good time.

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Sour Cream Cucumber Salad

Dijon Chicken with Corn Salsa

Seasoned Baked Cod

Lemon Rice
Rice cooked with lemon juice, garlic and chicken broth

Steamed Sugar Snap Peas

Butternut Squash

Baked Roll

Peach Cobbler

Diabetic Dessert

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10:00am Manicures

10:30am Balloom VB

1:00pm Meijer Shopping

2:00pm Manicures

3:00pm Music with Janice

4:00pm Heads Up!

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Our purpose is to do whatever it takes to make our residents happy.

Core Needs

Understanding your core needs allows us to know the pathway we must take to make you happy. We have identified three specific Core Needs that must be met to enrich happiness — Basic Needs, Care Needs & Unrecognized Needs.

Core Needs Illustration

Core Needs

Basic Needs

You need to consistently receive services in an environment that feels like home.

Core Needs

Care Needs

You need to consistently receive the care that your personal health situation requires.

Core Needs

Unrecognized Needs

You need to consistently receive the care that your personal health situation requires.

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